Do you fancy yourself an urban explorer who is fascinated with abandoned places? Rhode Island has a handful of spots that are being reclaimed by nature. One such place is the Pawtucket-Central Falls Station. What was once a busy transportation hub, now stands empty and crumbling. With this incredible drone footage, see for yourself what makes this abandoned train station in Rhode Island such a fascinating hidden gem. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find that these Pawtucket-Central Falls Train Station photos are positively captivating!

The deteriorating Pawtucket-Central Falls Station continues to crumble a little bit each day. We don’t recommend attempting to explore it yourself due to safety and legal reasons. However, you can get a bird’s eye view of this abandoned spot in this video by Rhode Island-based filmmaker, Jason Allard.

Did you ever take a train out of this station when it was in use or know someone that did? Share with us any stories you may have about this abandoned train station in Rhode Island in the comments section!

If you love seeking out abandoned places, you can take a hike to these ruins of an estate for some hauntingly beautiful scenery as well. Or, make sure to check out these 15 creepy places in Rhode Island that you can actually visit…if you’re brave enough, of course.

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Abandoned Train Station In Rhode Island

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