Few People Know Where All Of Rhode Island’s Mr. Potato Heads Are Now

Giant Mr. Potato Heads dotting the landscape is just another part of life here in Rhode Island, a result of an ambitious art installation in 2000. To celebrate the fact that the classic toy originated at Hasbro, and to encourage family-oriented tourism, there were 37 six foot Mr. Potato Head statues erected. They were creatively decorated by local artists, companies, and organizations and placed in various locations all over the state. But where are they now? Unfortunately, many have not made it, succumbing to the weather or vandals, and others are in private hands. You can still see a handful of these Rhode Island icons, though. Here’s where the remaining massive spuds are currently located so you can check them out.

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So we’ve located 9 Mr. Potato Heads that continue to bring joy to the public. Are there any more still out there that are accessible? Let us know of any sightings in the comments.