This Easy Trail Leads To Hunt’s Mill, One Of Rhode Island’s Most Underrated Waterfalls

Rhode Island’s waterfalls may not be as tall in height or as numerous in number as the rest of New England’s, but we’ve still got some nice, peaceful falls that we can appreciate. And if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in nature, we recommend heading to Rumford and checking out Hunts Mill. Not only is the main trail less than a mile long, it leads to a nice, tranquil waterfall many Rhode Islanders don’t even know about! If you arrived here by searching for something like “Are there any waterfalls near me?”, and you’re in Rhode Island – the good news is that everything is near you, so the answer is yes. Let’s check out one of the best:

Have you ever hiked the Hunts Mill Trail? Check out this hidden gem the next time you’re in the area. We hope this answered your questions about waterfalls near me; the possibilities in Rhode Island are endless.

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Address: Hunts Mill Road, Hunts Mill Rd, East Providence, RI 02916, USA
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March 30, 2022

What are some wonderful hiking trails with waterfalls in Rhode Island?  

Rhode Island is a great state for those who love hiking – and many of the best trails in the state include an extra-special treat: a waterfall. So, which trails in Rhode Island are the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Rhode Island? Turns out, there are at least a dozen, with awe-inspiring gems like the World War II Memorial Loop at Wolf Hill Forest Preserve. It’s moderately difficult and spans just 4.4 miles, making it an excellent candidate for a short, half-day hike. Take the Ben Utter Trail at the Arcadia State Management Area to access Stepstone Falls; it’s a short-and-sweet 2.7-mile trek you won’t soon forget. Other excellent waterfall hikes in Rhode Island are the Blackstone River Bikeway Trail, at Social Park, which is long (18.5 miles!) but quite easy, and Hunt’s Mill Trail near Rumford is another great one (short, too – under one mile in length). Interested in the Stepstone Falls hike? Take a look at this previous article for more information about Stepstone Falls in Rhode Island. 

What are the best hikes in Rhode Island to take?  

Rhode Island is a tiny little state, but it’s big on hiking, with more than 300 amazing trails to take your pick from. Some of the most popular hikes (which one might argue are the “best” as voted upon by hikers themselves) include the seven-mile, moderately challenging Cliff Walk located in Newport. It’s the perfect mix of stunning homes and coastline that’s sure to make you want to return ASAP. The Carr’s Pond and Tarbox Pond hike at Big River State Management Area is a much-beloved hike in West Greenwich. It’s easy and spans just four miles in length, making it ideal for families with kids. Other excellent, popular hikes in Rhode Island include the Cumberland Monastery Trail (3.2 miles, moderate), Lincoln Woods Trail (3.1 miles, easy), and the Long Pond Woods Trail (4.5 miles, moderate). Which of these hiking trails in Rhode Island are your favorites?  

Address: Hunts Mill Road, Hunts Mill Rd, East Providence, RI 02916, USA