This Mesmerizing Drone Footage Takes You High Above The Rhode Island Countryside Like Never Before

Rhode Island may be small, but it packs a lot of beauty into its 1,214 square miles. One of the best ways to appreciate Little Rhody’s enchanting scenery is to see it from high above. This bird’s eye view of Newport takes you over Narragansett Bay, along downtown streets and shows you sweeping views of the city’s small neighborhoods and huge historic estates.

From million dollar yachts to community baseball fields, from sun-soaked beaches to stunning city lights, Newport, Rhode Island is a playground for some of the nation’s wealthiest citizens…and the rest of us too. This mesmerizing drone footage, posted on YouTube by Blue Mantle Films, will make you want to plan your next vacation to the charming town of Newport.

What’s your favorite thing to see and do in Newport?

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