Xocolatl de David

Most of us love chocolate, but owner and chocolatier David Briggs loves to play with his chocolate, which is probably why it is so darn delicious. Briggs has travelled the world, tasting all sorts of treats along the way, and has brought the best flavors back to Portland, where he crafts his chocolaty masterpieces. His unique creations pair unconventional flavors in ways you never even imagined possible, and his focus on quality (he only uses fair trade, single origin chocolate from Central and South America) and sustainability (by working with local farmers and specialty goods) are what makes his treats one-of-a-kind. Still in doubt of his genius? Briggs was one of the first in the field to pair bacon and chocolate, which makes him a fine flavor pioneer. But he didn’t stop at bacon…he has even created a Foie Gras chocolate spread!

Although there is not an exclusive Xocolatl de David storefront, you can find his specialty chocolates at retailers across the nation…and across the world! In Portland, you can buy Xocolatl de David products at Cacao, The Meadow, Cheese Bar, Pine State Biscuits, Salt & Straw, and several other locations (see his website for specifics). If you aren’t near enough to seek out his chocolates in person, Briggs offers his products for sale online, and we highly suggest you check them out!