Winans Fine Chocolates & Coffees


There’s a few food pairings that just make sense: peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, coffee and chocolate. Oh, you haven’t heard that one? Well, it’s true – coffee and chocolate is the perfect pairing, and nowhere will you find a better cup of Joe and decadent chocolates than at Winans.

With time tested quality and recipes paired with cutting edge flavors, Winans Chocolates and Coffees was established in the late 1800s, and is in its fourth generation of family ownership. From premium chocolates to freshly roasted coffees that are hand sourced worldwide to gifts to delight every friend or family member, Winans has got it all.

The company’s factory and roastery is located in Ohio, and they have retail stores across the Midwest and online ordering, so you can fall in love with Winans handcrafted chocolates and coffees, no matter where you are in the world.