Todd and Kiaralinda Ramquist have known each other since they were 13 years old, and these “Whimzey Twins” have spent an adventure-filled life transforming their home into a boldly colored fantasy space inspired by their world travels. Though the home now features a sensory-overload-level of artwork, their creative capers have a humble beginning—with 10 free bowling balls found in a flea market that ended up as a painted project adorning their yard. As their collection accumulated, their home became known as “the bowling ball house of Safety Harbour,” but their artistic adventures have expanded beyond their dreamlike abode and into the creation of art cars, public sculptures, and even a restaurant design! The artists open up their home to visitors once a year as a charity fundraiser, but there is still plenty to see from the streets outside. In 2012, the dramatic design duo’s dream came true—in the form of a Pepsi Refresh Grant that allowed them to create the Safety Harbour Arts and Music Center to promote art-making in their community!