UFO Watchtower

This observation platform, built by Judy Messoline in 2000, was built for the numerous UFO sightseers who come to this dark area, and offers a 360° view of the surrounding San Luis Valley. The spot has become a popular destination for tourists and serious alien seekers alike, and has gained considerable coverage by the media and as the subject of numerous documentaries.

It may be hard to find (GPS directions are often wrong—look for the “Alien” signs along Hwy 17). Admission is $2.00 per person or $5.00 per car, and you can camp on the property year round for $10.00…a pretty good deal if you spot a UFO or two!

Judy’s book, “That Crazy Lady Down the Road,” if filled with accounts of UFO sightings made at the UFO Watchtower, and is available for purchase on her website, as well as in the gift stop.