Toilet Seat Museum

As the son of a plumber, Barney Smith grew up around toilet seats, and, with a creative eye, realized that the plaque-shaped parts served as a perfect canvas for his artwork. Call it crazy, but Barney, who is now in his 90’s, kept making his toilet seat treasures throughout his life, and he has built over 1,200 amazing pieces. His Toilet Seat artwork is not for sale, and each one was built with a specific story in mind. Some pieces commemorate major world events, celebrate celebrities, or just provide an interesting take on an obscure subject. One of his includes ash from the Mt. Saint Helens eruption and another features a piece of insulation that fell from the Challenger Space Shuttle as it blew up on launch. Barney is happy to open up his private collection to anyone curious to come see (and you should…it’s quite an amazing sight), but he asks that you call ahead to give him enough time to get ready, as he gives personal tours filled with his incredible stories.