Tin Shed Garden Cafe

There are plenty of restaurants out there who celebrate the locavore lifestyle, but how many of them actually own their own farms? Janette Kaden, owner of Tin Shed, started farming her own food with the sole (and soul!) purpose of growing her own goods and bringing her garden to the table. For the ingredients she can’t grow herself, Kaden turns to wholesome local providers for free-range meats, farm fresh eggs, and wild salmon. Even their coffee is sustainably shade-grown and freshly roasted in Portland! Tin Shed is way too cool to keep secret, and they even got a thumbs up from Food Network’s Guy Fieri when he featured them on an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” (appropriately titled “Comfort and Soul”). There is plenty of goodness to go around at Tin Shed, even for your furry friends—they feature a dog menu too!