Taproom Pub & Grub

Taproom Pub & Grill has some of the best food in town! Their menu boasts award-winning burgers and ribs, and they offer 42 different beers on tap. As if drinking (and eating) wasn’t enough fun on its own, Taproom has come up with some awesome challenges for their customers. Join the Around The World Club by drinking 60 different beers and win a free t-shirt. Take on the Century Club by drinking each of their bottled beers and win a free mug. Both of these feats gets you a spot on their Wall of Fame (with your favorite quote too!), but only the truly brave take on the Chupacabra Challenge: if you can down a full rack o’ ribs, a Works Burger, 24 of their spiciest “Nuclear” wings, a basket of French fries and onion rings…your meal is free! (AND you also get a free t-shirt!)