Spook Hill

The Legend of Spook Hill is one kooky tale, featuring a Seminole Chief, an enormous man-eating alligator, and one epic battle between man and beast. For the full story, check out their website, but as for the cool phenomena seen at Spook Hill, here is a quick overview: pioneers settling in the area found that their horses and mules seemed to struggle when pulling loads downhill, which led to the gravity defying legend now associated with this unusual road. Later, when motorized vehicles became the standard mode of transportation, drivers watched in awe as their cars and trucks appeared to roll uphill when idling. Thus the paranormal legend was born. Some say a gravitational shift in Earth’s magnetic field causes the puzzling behavior, while others explain the event as an optical illusion. No matter what you believe, it is certainly spooky and fun to drive down this road to a marked white line, put your car into neutral, and watch in awe as you find yourself rolling backwards and uphill!