Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

The legendary Skunk Ape, which may best be described as a “smelly Everglades-version of Bigfoot,” has been reported everywhere from Tallahassee to Lostman’s River. Those who claim to have seen the unusual creature say that he stands seven feet tall, weighs in at around 450 pounds, and walks upright like a human. Although such physical descriptions vary between accounts, one detail is always the same: he stinks. Some liken it to rotting eggs, while other claim strong undertones of methane (which makes it sound like one terrible wine tasting…), the mystery remains to what, exactly, this creature is. Urban legend? Escaped orangutan gone native? We may never know for sure, but those at the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters are on a mission to figure it out. Their website offers a map of Skunk Ape sightings across the state, theories of its habits and diet, suggested locations to start your own “hunt” (although baiting and trapping are illegal in the state), and they occasionally offer expeditions into the Glades in search of the stinky, elusive creature. Care to join them?