Scandinavian Shave Ice

Located in Kailua Village for more than 20 years, Scandinavian Shave Ice is more commonly referred to as “Scandi’s” by locals.

Shave Ice is a Hawaiian staple, and it is much less like a snow cone than you might think. The consistency of a true shave is is that of new fallen snow, not the granular and crunchy ice so many are used to. If you’re in Kona, the cold, sweet treat is best at Scandinavian Shave Ice.

Pick from approximately 45 flavors (you can try up to three at a time), and definitely grab it snow-cap style, with a drizzle of condensed milk on top, for a little extra richness. Or, if you’re still stuck on ice cream, try the delicious treat with a scoop of ice cream of frozen yogurt in the middle – yum!