Rusty Taco

Once the “Rusty Taco” (named for the founder, Rusty Fenton), R Taco adopted the shortened name when business boomed and the company franchised. There are now 9 R Taco locations– 5 of which in their Texas home state, as well as one in Denver and 3 others in Minnesota. They have 13 different street taco varieties, plus 6 breakfast tacos, and they offer one mean eating challenge: you get to choose your flavors, but in order to win the Rusty Taco Record Challenge, you must beat the last challenger by at least 1 taco in one sitting. Sound simple? The current Taco Champion consumed 36 for the title. Break the record and you get your tacos free! Even if you tap out at 16 (or any more), you still get a free t-shirt because, let’s face it, 37 tacos sounds crazy.