Roostercat Coffee House

We love their name…but we love their coffee more! Roostercat Coffee House is far more than just coffee shop—they are also an awesome place to grab a delicious snack, catch some live music, and hang out around the fire pits! Inside and out, the coffee house is just so…cool…but not in the frustratingly coffee-snob way found in way too many specialty shops. Roostercat offers unique specialty drinks, including an epic Lavender Latte, with tons of non-dairy alternatives for the drinks and vegetarian and vegan food options. This coffee house also provides and excellent venue for local live music, open mic nights, and creative culture…everything you could ever dream of for the perfect hangout spot! Whether you are looking for an excellent breakfast (try the Waffle Sandwiches!) or a place to go late in the day (they are open until midnight!), Roostercat Coffee House is exactly what you are looking for. This local secret is almost too good to share.