Pease’s Candies

The Pease family knows chocolate. The candy business began with Martin A. Pease Sr. making and selling his candies right from his home! He opened his first storefront in Bloomington, IL in 1918 with his children, and his son Martin Pease Jr. brought the business along with him when the family moved to Springfield, IL in 1930. Today, Pease’s Candies has five locations and is still family-owned and run by the 5th generation of candymakers! Pease’s original recipes are still used to this day, producing handmade chocolates, candies, toffees, and…shoes? Yes, that’s right, Pease’s Candies makes chocolate shoes. These unique treats are amazingly realistic, hand painted and decorated in several fashionable styles. If you are curious, these fabulous creations are featured for sale on Pease’s online store, where you can also purchase any of their fine candies!