Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que

With ten homemade sauces, hickory smoked meats, and menu items named after the owner’s seven grandchildren, Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que is a retro eatery with some might fine barbecue. The Kansas City restaurant also serves up delicious appetizers, sides, hot wings and beers.

But Papa Bob’s is most well-known for the monstrous food challenge. The Ultimate Destroyer Challenge  includes approximately 2.5 pounds of pulled pork, ham, turkey, brisket, and barbecue sausage, three burger patties, and 1.5 pounds of fries. Devour this beastly meal in 45 minutes or pay full price ($58). Even Adam Richman, of the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, wasn’t able to take down the Ultimate Destroyer, eating approximately two-thirds of the meal.