Milagros Coffee House

Milagros Coffee House is far more than just a coffee house; it is also a part of the non-profit organization La Puente, dedicated to providing food and shelter for the homeless, as well as advocacy and support for community members in need. Originally founded in 1982 to provide assistance services for community members in crisis, the La Puente organization has greatly expanded over the years to address the growing needs of the area. The story of the Milagros Coffee House is truly amazing—when the project began in 1998, the La Puente organization was in desperate need of funding to update their kitchen equipment. When the future of the shop looked dim and destined to fold, help came in an enormous stroke of luck: the La Puente group was chosen in a Colorado Lottery drawing to provide funds for a non-profit organization! And that’s how the Coffee House earned its name—“Milagros” is the Spanish word for “miracle.” Today Milagros Coffee House serves as a full-service coffee shop to provide funding to the homeless and hungry community, as well as display forum for local artists and a venue for concerts and special events. This shop, offering “coffee with a cause” is truly deserving of your business—both for a great cup of coffee and delicious treats, and for the ability to make a difference in the lives of community members.