Mihaela’s Bakery

Known by Grand Junctions locals for the “best bread in town,” this little shop specializes in European-style pastries. Owner Mihaela Chiriloaia emigrated from Romania and she brought her love of old world pastries along wit her. Aside from the bread (which took three years to perfect the recipe!), customers cannot decide on a favorite treat; between her delicate baklava, flaky croissants, fruit tarts, seasonal scones, cakes, pies…choosing just one is impossible. Despite being self-taught, Mihaela and her son run the bakery like seasoned pros, but do not wait for the weekend to grab a snack: Mihaela’s Bakery is only open Monday through Friday! Once you see her case full of baked-daily goodies, you will know why—this woman deserves her weekends rest!