Kite’s Grille and Bar

Founded in 1954 by former K-State basketball and baseball player Keith “Kite” Thomas, this Manhattan sports bar has become a gathering place for Kansas State University students and alumni throughout the last 40 years.

Though the popular bar took a long vacation in the 90s, it is back up and running, serving up beer, burgers, and sports to local K-state fans. The eatery’s motto, “Meet Your Friends at Kite’s,” dates back to the first years of business.

If you’re up for a challenge, and want to impress your buddies, consider taking on the Will Ferrell Burger Challenge. If you can finish the massive 3 pound burger – topped with fresh lettuce, cheese, onion, pickle and tomato – and accompanied by 1 pound of fries in one sitting, you’ll get a free t-shirt!