Judaculla Rock

Rooted in Cherokee folklore, this mysterious rock has petroglyphs dating back to 2000 B.C.

Native Americans claim it to be the work of a slant-eyed giant named Judaculla. He lived in the area, controlling all the game, and most of the inhabitants. Rather Judaculla’s footprints, a hunting map, or ancient Native American carvings, the rock is quite a mystery and has perplexed archaeologist since first discovered. Ghost stories surround the rock and an unmarked graveyard lies a few hundred feet away.

Today, the rock is owned by Jackson County and you can see it for yourself during daylight hours.

“From US 74, take Exit 85 to Business Route 23 through Sylva. Stay on 23 1.3 miles to NC 107, then turn left onto 107. Drive 8 miles south on 107 and take a left onto Caney Fork Road, County Road 1737. Go 2.5 miles then turn left onto a gravel road and drive 0.45 mile. The rock is on the right, and parking is on the left.”