J.B.’s Drive-In

There are plenty of places out there that brew their own beer…but what about brewing their own root beer? If you’ve never had the glorious experience of drinking REAL root beer before, you are in for a treat, because J.B.’s Drive-In does just that. This family-owned business opened in 1937 as a sandwich shop and, despite the war rationing in the 1940’s, managed to pull through to continue serving their customers all kinds of delicious treats. Their menu is a wonderful blend of old favorites and new additions (and a few items we’ve never seen on a menu before!), so you are sure to find exactly what you are craving, and at a great price to boot! We love their fries because they are perfectly crisp and seasoned, and the shakes, malts, and floats and handmade and delicious! And that hand brewed root beer we mentioned? You can buy it by the gallon jug!!