Frite & Scoop

Fancy fries AND handmade ice cream, all in one place? Have we died and gone strait to Foodie Heaven? Frite & Scoop makes their custard-style ice cream daily, the old fashioned way, with simple, fresh, and local ingredients…and you can taste the quality in every bite. On top of all that deliciousness, Frite & Scoop also offers TONS of handmade toppings and treats—from marshmallows to sauces to specialty candies!

As for the Belgian-style frites…they are hand-cut and twice-fried, giving them an amazing crispy texture when they are served piping hot in a traditional paper cone. As is expected with excellent Frites, there is a wide variety of homemade dipping sauces to choose from (although we think they are pretty darn delicious on their own!)