Cookie Dough Creations

Who among us hasn’t made the mistake of ignoring the oven and eating a whole bowl of cookie dough instead? And who among us hasn’t spent the following hours worrying about the dangers of raw eggs (echoing the voice of our dutiful mothers…)? Fear no more: Cookie Dough Creations has saved us all! These guys dish out egg-free cookie dough in ice cream scoops, as well as use their safe and delicious dough to create some seriously sweet treats. Sure, you can order an actual (baked) cookie…but how could you possibly pass up the chance to chow down on a cookie dough sandwich, dive into cookie dough cakes, or just eat cookie dough straight from a pint? Cookie Dough Creations has made some impressive media headlines and have opened up shop online to ship eight flavors of their gourmet homemade cookie dough across the country!