Bishop Castle

At age 15, Jim Bishop bought a plot of land in the mountains in San Isabel National Forest—quite a feat for such a young man! He spent his summers working hard to build a family cabin, and developed a love for construction projects. The young man has a dream; we wanted to be the king of his own castle. So Bishop Castle was born, built from stones found on the land. As a true innovator and problem-solver, Bishop conquered the obstacles met along the way, including the construction of a gravity fed cistern to provide running water to the property! The castle itself just keeps growing, and has become quite an elaborate and beautifully decorated structure. Bishop Castle became a popular attraction for visitors, but Jim had no intention to turn his labor of love into a profitable business, so visits to the castle are FREE! Instead, Jim and his wife have turned the project into a non-profit foundation to provide financial assistance to uninsured families with newborns in need of heart surgery. He keeps donation boxes on the property to fund both his charity project and the continuing construction on his beautiful castle, which is always open and always free of charge, although we highly recommend a donation to his very worthy cause. Bishop Castle can also be rented for weddings and school groups, and even allows visitors to design customized stained glass windows to add to the structure!