Alinea is less a restaurant than it is a culinary experience. From flavor to presentation, the creativity and attention to detail here is flawless. There really is no true comparison to the delicious adventure found at Alinea, which boasts a 3-star Michelin rating and is world-renowned for astounding art of molecular gastronomy at work. The dishes served here are unlike anything you have ever seen on a plate before…but half the fun is in the showmanship of the presentation. The sheer aura of exclusivity and expertise begins the moment you walk through the door and is sure to leave you in a magical haze for days. These chefs take to heart the phrase “playing with their food.” Reservations (sold as “tickets”…this truly is a show) are extremely hard to come by, you must be diligent in your attempts to attain them, as they hold only a limited number of tickets available per night and bookings are often made months in advance. We promise you it is worth the effort—this is one of the most novel and enrapturing experiences that can be had, and the entire evening will transport you to an otherworldly (and flavorful!) place.