13th Floor Haunted House

Did you ever wonder why the elevator buttons in tall buildings jump directly from 12 to 14? These guys do, which is why they named their Haunted House after the mysteriously missing 13th floor. The legend lies in the superstitious believe that the number 13 is unlucky here in America, so high-rise hotels and apartments often had trouble renting out rooms on the 13th floor. Even business owners who do not believe are still more than willing to “omit” the 13th floor for the sake of the spooked tenants. In fact, (according to the history page provided on 13th Floor Haunted House’s website) Otis Elevator Company (one of the largest in it’s field) reports that 85% of buildings using their elevators do not have a 13th floor. This “ghost floor” is, of course, the perfect place to build a haunted house, and 13th Floor Haunted House is one of the most terrifying around. Waiting lines get longer as we get closer to Halloween, but I promise you, this one is worth the wait (also, they offer Fast Passes for an extra fee that allows you to skip the lines altogether!). Their design and themes change every year, so this may become a terrifying tradition if you are looking for the best scares! 13th Floor Haunted House is the largest in San Antonio, and their frightful tours are far more than a few creepily costumed actors…13th floor takes great pride in their gruesomely graphic performance, which uses some impressive illusions, lights, and sounds to spook you from head to toe. They do issue a warning that younger children may find the attraction too intense, but this just proves to the rest of us how terrifying the trip will be!