These 10 Trails In Pennsylvania Will Lead You To Unforgettable Places

Life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey, so said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Most of us would probably agree he’s right. But, in some cases, isn’t it about the destination? Take these 10 trails in Pennsylvania. Sure, you’re going to pass some pretty awesome scenery and wildlife, but at the end, you’ll be rewarded with something unforgettable – maybe a waterfall or a sweeping view of a gorge.

1. Golden Eagle Trail, Brown Township

The nearly nine mile Golden Eagle Trail promises a pretty steep challenge – Pennsylvania rates it as strenuous – but you’ll be well rewarded with amazing views of Pine Creek Gorge at numerous vistas along the trail. Click here for a detailed map of the trail.

2. Glen Onoko Falls Trail, Jim Thorpe

Just as challenging as the Golden Eagle Trail, the four mile Glen Onoko Falls Trail near Jim Thorpe certainly proves well worth the hiking over rugged terrain that is required to get there. Along your journey, you’ll have to cross streams – using rocks in the water as your steps – and the terrain may be slippery. Your reward is an up close view of the beautiful Glen Onoko Falls. Click here for directions to Glen Onoko Falls.

3. Fred Woods Trail, Emporium

Follow the yellow paint that guides you along the nearly five mile Fred Woods Trail in Elk State Forest. The trail will lead you through slim rock tunnels, past unique rock formations, and to scenic vistas that offer panoramic views of the park. (Warning: If you don’t like tight enclosed spaces, you may want to find a different trail.) Find a map of Fred Woods Trail here.

4. The Pinnacle Trail, Hamburg

Lace up your hiking boots because you’re going to need them when you take on the moderately difficult, sometimes rocky, Pinnacle Trail in Hamburg. Located in Berks County Park across from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, the trail affords hikers spectacular views from several overlooks. Click here for directions.

5. Pinchot Trail, Thornhurst

Prepare for a pretty grueling trek on the 26-mile Pinchot Trail, which offers camping spots for those who want to hike the whole trail. The trail, which loops, promises a host of stunning features: Overlooks for breathtaking views of Pinchot State Forest, glimpses into bogs, and cascading creeks. Find directions to Pinchot Trail here.

6. Meadow Run Trail, Ohiopyle

Stroll along the Meadow Run Trail, which runs near the Youghiogheny River, in Ohiopyle State Park. Wear sturdy shoes but make sure you’ve got your swimsuit with you because, at the end of this nearly three mile trail, you’ll be greeted by amazing natural water slides. (Just a warning: Some people have gotten quite a bruising from sliding down, so be aware of the risks.) Map out your trip to Meadow Run Trail here.

7. Canyon Vista Loop Trail, Forksville

The Canyon Vista Loop Trail at Worlds End State Park challenges even the most experienced of hikers with its sometimes steep sections and paths through rock gardens. The hike up the four mile trail loop, however, is certainly worth the effort when you come to a vista that provides sweeping views of Loyalsock Creek Gorge. Click here for a map to Worlds End State Park.

8. Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park, Benton

Stunning beauty awaits as you trek the seven mile Falls Trail at Rickets Glen State Park. The Falls Trail takes you past 21 spectacular waterfalls, including the 94 foot high Ganoga Falls. Wear sturdy shoes or boots because you’ll cover rough, and sometimes wet, terrain. The spectacular Falls Trail is only for those hikers who are in decent shape.

9. Minister Creek Trail, Sheffield

Loop around the 6.6 mile Minister Creek Trail in the Allegheny National Forest. Pass through rock tunnels and hike along the water as you wind your way to the overlook, which will leave you breathless at the view of the forest below. Click here for a map of Minister Creek Trail.

10. Mt. Davis Highpoint Trail, Fort Hill

Get a spectacular view of Forbes State Park from the highest point in Pennsylvania – 3,213 feet above the ground – after hiking the Mt. Davis Highpoint Trail. The five mile trail will take you past hot springs, ending at the Mt. Davis Observation Deck. Map out your journey here.

These 10 trails in Pennsylvania will lead you to unforgettable places but you’ll have to hike to get there. Want a spectacular view without having to hike? Check out these eight easy to find waterfalls that don’t require any hiking at all.