These 10 Pennsylvania Towns Have The Silliest Names But Are So Worth A Visit

Okay, fellow Pennsylvanians! Time for a little fun! We can all probably name – off the top of our heads – at least a dozen Pennsylvania towns with silly, unique, or downright weird names. Of course, we go to our own Jersey Shore, right here in PA. Bird-in-Hand boasts some quaint restaurants and shops. And one would be remiss not to mention the towns of Paint, Climax, and Frogtown. Here are just 10 Pennsylvania towns with unique names that are certainly worth a visit.

C’mon and add to the list of Pennsylvania towns with the silliest names. Dozens more – from Intercourse to Bird-in-Hand – could make the list, right? Which others would you add? Share in the comments! Then click here to read about some of the silliest street names in the state.