14 Surprising Things You May Not Expect When Moving To Pennsylvania

Getting ready to make the move to Pennsylvania? Congratulations! You are about to live in the best state in the nation.

We are excited that you’ve come to the realization that you must live in this wonderful place…but there are a few things you probably should know before you pack up the moving truck. To introduce you to your new soon-to-be home, we’ve put together a list of 14 things to give you a crash course in “Pennsylvania” that will make life easier once you get here.

First up: non-Pennsylvanians trying to pronounce Pennsylvanian names. Youse guys / Yinz sound ridiculous.

Welcome to Pittsburgese:

And now over to Philly:

This one’s a little trickier. Here’s what a auctioneer sounds like speaking in both English and Pennsylvania Dutch:

Whoa. Even we can’t keep up with that one.

Native Pennsylvanians: what else should newcomers know when they move here?

Pennsylvanian Transplants: what do you wish you knew before you got here?

Newcomers: do you have any questions?

Share your tips in the comments!

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