An Eerie Phenomenon Just Appeared In Pennsylvania And Looks Like Something From An Apocalypse

An apocalyptic-looking sight is looming over Pennsylvania, and it’s really freaking people out.

Don’t worry though – it’s not time to head to the bunker just yet. This massive, eerie-looking phenomenon is called a shelf cloud. They usually appear on the edges of thunderstorms or a squall line of tornadoes.

When you see a shelf cloud like this one, you’ll usually feel a sudden change in wind direction. This is your signal to get to shelter – hail or heavy rain is usually only three to five minutes away.

This dramatic shelf cloud isn’t dangerous in itself, but it may signal the onset of some pretty rough weather. If you see one of these headed your way, be on the lookout for weather alerts and maybe throw a few emergency supplies into the family car.

While the end of the world may not be nigh, this otherworldly shelf cloud is still turning heads across the state. Check out the insane footage below of this ominous-looking cloud captured by The Weather Channel less than 24 hours ago.