10 Quick Road Trips In Pennsylvania You Can Take This Weekend

Forget the errands, the chores, and all that good stuff that usually occupies the weekend. Instead, dust off your suitcase and get ready for a weekend adventure. Stroll along the streets of a quiet village. Play music on a field of rocks. Or, zip down an indoor slide at America’s largest water park. These 10 quick road trips in Pennsylvania will lead to you some of the state’s many treasures.

Which of these 10 quick road trips in Pennsylvania would you most like to take? Oh, hey! Boo! If you like the paranormal, you just might want to consider one of these 10 haunted road trips.

Address: 695 State Route 487, Benton, PA 17814
Address: 1921 Bilgers Rocks Road, Grampian, PA 16838
Address: 250 Kalahari Boulevard, Pocono Manor, PA 18346
Address: 100 Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033