Here Are 5 Swimming Holes Near Pittsburgh That Will Make Your Summer Epic

Summer’s here! What better way to cool off in the dog days of summer than to find a secluded swimming hole to jump, play, and swim in? We have so many amazing swimming spots in Pittsburgh. However, swimming holes in Pittsburgh are usually kept pretty secret. After all, no one wants that secluded swimming spot to become the summer’s hottest hangout. Here are the five best swimming holes near Pittsburgh (with videos to give you an idea of what to expect).

1. Jackson Falls, Apollo



Jackson Falls in Apollo beckons both swimmers and nature lovers with its three stunning waterfalls. The waterfalls flow into what some use as a swimming hole. Here are the directions to Jackson Falls

2. Meadow Run Natural Rock Water Slides, Ohiopyle State Park



You’ve never really experienced a waterslide until you’ve conquered the Meadow Run Natural Waterslide in Ohiopyle State Park. Sit down in the creek, and let the rushing water take you away. A word of warning, however: The natural water slide can be risky, especially as you will bump against the rocks. Some of those swimmers who have faced the water slide have complained of getting injured in the process. Find directions to Meadow Run Natural Waterslide.

3. Jacob’s Creek/Blue Hole, Perryopolis

YouTube/Alex Waskowitz

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Blue Hole in Jacob’s Creek promises spectacular scenery and an equally impressive natural diving board. Blue Hole features a breathtaking waterfall that many use as a diving board. While it’s a popular spot with swimmers, authorities have warned against going here due to its dangerous conditions. If you go, take extreme care. Here are the directions to Blue Hole.

4. Blue Hole, Dunbar


Southwestern Pennsylvania has two swimming holes called Blue Hole – the swimming hole at Jacob’s Creek in Perryopolis and the other in Dubar. Blue Hole in Dunbar promises the perfect spot for swimming on a hot summer day. Adventurers can climb the rocks and jump into the water. Use caution. Customize the directions to Blue Hole in Dunbar.

5. Robinson Hole, Montour

Warning: Some explicit language.


Enjoy the Robinson Hole in Montour. Unlike many swimming holes in Pittsburgh, Robinson Hole isn’t entirely secluded. Some swimmers have used the rope swing to jump into the hole in Montour. However, it’s important to use the swing with caution. Find directions to Robinson Hole.

Please use extreme caution at Robinson Hole as swimmers have been injured here.

Do you agree that these are five of the best swimming holes near Pittsburgh? Have you been to Blue Hole in Pennsylvania? Where are your favorite places to swim in Pittsburgh? Join the conversation in the comments! Remember, no matter which swimming hole you visit, use caution when in the water. Then check out these lazy rivers near Pittsburgh that are perfect for staying cool all summer long.

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Address: Apollo, PA 15613, USA
Address: Ohiopyle State Park, 124 Main St, Ohiopyle, PA 15470, USA
Address: Perryopolis, PA 15473, USA
Address: Dunbar, PA 15431, USA
Address: Montour Robinson Hole, Montour Trail, McKees Rocks, PA 15136, USA
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Swimming Holes Near Pittsburgh

June 16, 2022

Are there any beaches near Pittsburgh?

Most people probably don’t associate Pittsburgh with soft sandy beaches, but they’d be pretty surprised to discover that we’re within easy driving distance of quite a few beaches. If you’re looking for the best beaches in Pittsburgh, here are a few:

  • Add Laurel Hill State Park to the top of your bucket list. It is home to a breathtaking sandy beach that leads into Laurel Hill Lake. You’ll find everything you need for a lovely beach day – plenty of space on the beach, a snack bar, and clear, cool water.
  • Moraine State Park in Portersville boasts TWO sandy beaches. If one is too crowded, simply head to the other. After a day of sunbathing and cooling off in the massive Lake Arthur, explore the lake on a boat; follow one of the scenic hiking trails, or have a relaxing picnic.
  • Just half an hour from downtown Pittsburgh, Raccoon Creek State Park also offers a sandy beach. Bring a picnic, or grab a snack from the seasonal concession stand.

What are some unique places to swim near Pittsburgh?

We’ve got quite a few sandy beaches, pristine lakes, and swimming holes near Pittsburgh. However, if you’re looking for the most unique place to cool off this summer, head to Meadow Run Natural Waterslide. The natural waterslide beckons Pittsburghers on those scorching summer days with a fun and unique way to cool off.

Tucked in Ohiopyle State Park, the natural waterslide is made of 300 million-year-old sandstone slabs. That means you’re likely to get a few bumps and bruises, so be aware of that before heading over. Plus, there are no lifeguards on duty, so take care.

While you can spend the entire day at the waterslide, consider exploring more of Ohiopyle State Park, too. Did you know, for example, that you can walk behind Cucumber Falls? It’s another fun way to cool off on those hot Western Pennsylvania days. The trail to the falls is more of a stroll, too. Just walk down a set of stairs from the small parking lot, and you’ve arrived.