The Unassuming Restaurant In Pittsburgh That Has Rave Reviews For Its Wings

Pittsburghers sure do have good taste, especially when it comes to food. We’d probably all agree to that, right? And, oftentimes, we discover new restaurants – or try new dishes – because we’ve heard the rave reviews from family, friends, or even from other Pittsburghers online. Well, if you love a good order of wings, you definitely want to try the wings, that have garnered some pretty rave reviews from Pittsburghers, at this unassuming restaurant in Pittsburgh.

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Have you had the wings at this unassuming restaurant in Pittsburgh? Join the conversation in the comments! And, if you still haven’t satisfied that relentless wing craving, visit 51 Wings and Things, which boasts 51 flavors of wings. Click here to read more.

Address: 4901 Hatfield St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201