Here Are 5 Sinkholes In Pittsburgh That Will Leave You Terrified Of Earth

We’ve all seen horrifying stories on the news about sinkholes, such as the 60 foot sinkhole that literally swallowed Florida-resident Jeff Bush as he slept, killing him. Sinkholes are not as uncommon as one might think, even in the Pittsburgh area. Fortunately, Pittsburgh hasn’t had to deal with sinkholes as massive as the one in Florida but plenty of Pittsburghers have been affected by the sinkholes that have developed in our area. Here are five sinkholes in Pittsburgh that will leave you terrified of earth:

1. After a relaxing tanning session, one woman started to back her car out of her parking space – and ended up straight in a sinkhole. The woman escaped but it would take several hours for her waterlogged car to be dragged out of the water. WTAE reported on the sinkhole in Ross Township in 2015.

2. It might not look like too intimidating of a sinkhole but if you were that poor soul who felt the earth give way beneath you, you’d probably be pretty terrified of the earth for some time after your experience. WTAE covered the sinkhole that swallowed a man, who survived, in Glassport in 2015.

3. Imagine your car or truck quickly sinking into a sinkhole – right outside of your home and your garage. That’s exactly what happened in Overbrook in 2015. The sinkhole and water rushing out of it caused extensive damage and shocked community members.

4. You’re sitting at home when the earth shakes and water and rocks start shooting high into the air. Baldwin residents experienced just that when the earth opened up and created a sinkhole earlier this year.

5. The new Penn Hills High School’s construction hit a roadblock – or more accurately, a sinkhole seven feet wide and 30 feet deep – three years ago.

What do you think of the five sinkholes in Pittsburgh that will leave you terrified of earth? Do you know of an even more terrifying sinkhole? Share it with us in the comments!