This Rare Footage Of A Pittsburgh Amusement Park Will Have You Longing For The Good Old Days

Squeals of excitement. The smell of freshly popped popcorn. Darting from ride to ride. Wearing the same outfit as our friends. That’s just what summer is all about. Visiting Kennywood Park has been a summer tradition for generations of Pittsburghers. Regardless to which generation you belong, the rare footage of Kennywood Park at the bottom of this article will definitely take you on a trip down memory lane.

Kennywood Park first opened as a trolley park in 1898. By the 1910s, Kennywood began to vaguely resemble the park we all know today with the unveiling of the Racer and the Speed-O-Plane. The beloved Jack Rabbit made its debut in the 1920s and the current Racer was built (to replace the original) in 1927. Noah’s Ark arrived in 1936 (and the whale at the entrance was reintroduced in 2016.)

And the 1950s ushered in a tradition that continues decades later…

Ready for a blast from the past? Click play above to travel way back in time to the Kennywood Park of days gone by. (The black and white footage starts at around 1:08.) How much of the old Kennywood do you remember?

This rare footage of Kennywood Park, shared on YouTube by user Shane’s Amusement Attic, provides a nostalgic glimpse into Pittsburgh’s past, which just might get you in the mood to visit some of the 10 greatest amusement parks in Pennsylvania.