This Mom & Pop Bakery In Pittsburgh Is Home To The City’s Best Brownies

Sometimes, out of the blue, the chocolate cravings just hit. And, nothing except melt-in-your-mouth chocolate will satisfy that relentless craving. We, Pittsburghers, are quite fortunate to live in a city where we can find some of the best bakeries that serve a selection of delicious baked goodies and breads, among them plenty of chocolate treats. When you’re craving chocolate, head straight to this mom & pop bakery in Pittsburgh that some say makes the city’s best brownies topped with rich chocolate icing.

What bakery in Pittsburgh serves your favorite brownies? Let us know in the comments! Love a good chocolate chip cookie? Then, you’ll also want to sink your teeth into the city’s best at Nancy B’s Bakery. Click here to read more.

Address: 689 Washington Rd.Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Address: 1419 Potomac Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216