A Trip To The Oldest Grocery Store In Pittsburgh Is Like Stepping Back In Time

Remember the good ole days of shopping? We leisurely browsed the merchandise of a quaint corner shop, maybe running into the owner, before checking out. At check out, we chatted with the clerk, someone we had gotten to know well. Shopping today certainly has gotten much more convenient. We can order our groceries online or zip through self-checkout at the local, modern grocery store. But, with modern conveniences come the loss of that personal shopping experience. However, a trip to this grocery store in Pittsburgh will whisk you back to a simpler time.

Bloomfield’s Little Italy boasts plenty of hidden gems, like what just might be the oldest grocery store in Pittsburgh. Have you ever shopped at Donatelli’s? What makes it stand apart from the grocery stores of the 21st century? Share your experiences in the comments. Then, click here to read about seven of the best underrated supermarkets in the Burgh.