10 Laws Every Pittsburgher Has Probably Unknowingly Broken At Least Once

Okay, yinzers. Time to ‘fess up! How many times have you unwittingly broken the law? Maybe you’ve jaywalked to get to your destination faster? Or, perhaps you didn’t even realize you broke the law because, well, the law is so obscure and so absolutely ridiculous. Here are 10 laws every Pittsburgher may (or may not, as some of the laws are really out there) have unknowingly broken at least once.

So, how many of these laws would you say every Pittsburgher has broken at least once? Probably not many. But, it’s kind of fun to see some of the outdated laws that still remain on the books, huh? Want more? Click here to read about 10 other crazy laws here in the Burgh.

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