This Winter, Have Fun Indoors At Neville Roller Dome, A Retro Roller Skating Rink In Pittsburgh

Evenings and weekends often meant one thing for many of us growing up. Slamming the car door after saying goodbye to our parents and heading into our favorite skating rink. We’d skate around the rink, gossip with our friends, and snack. Those of us who were a bit daring would line up for the limbo or try skating backwards. Those days may seem like so long ago, but now you can relive a bit of their magic at this retro roller skating rink in Pittsburgh.

Do you have a favorite retro roller skating rink in Pittsburgh? Tell us about it in the comments! If you had fun roller skating, you’ll probably also want to check out these fun retro places in Pittsburgh that will bring back memories of yesteryear.

Address: 5109 Neville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15225, USA