This All-You-Can-Eat Southern Food Buffet Hiding In Pittsburgh Is Heaven On Earth

We all need a little southern hospitality, friendliness, and food in our lives sometimes, don’t we? And, we can feel as though we’ve traveled to the south without ever leaving Pittsburgh. Just pull up a chair at this charming, southern-inspired restaurant in Pittsburgh that boasts a delicious southern food buffet all day on Sundays (and for breakfast on Saturdays). Or, order from a menu of taste-tantalizing dishes any other time you visit.

Who’s up for a little southern food at this Pittsburgh restaurant that features a Sunday southern food buffet and a delicious menu of authentic southern dishes? And, if you like buffets, you’ll definitely want to try Adams Pine Creek Buffet, brimming with homemade dishes, near Pittsburgh.

Address: 807 Wallace Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221