You Don’t Want To Miss This Mouthwatering BBQ Festival Near Pittsburgh This Summer

Summer’s comin’ early this year! What’s one of the best parts about summer? Why, all the barbecuing, of course. Just step outside, take a deep breath, and mmmm…mmmm. That sweet smell of barbecue. It smells so good you can almost taste it, right? Don’t wait until the start of summer to enjoy the great taste. Get your BBQ fix early this year with a visit to this mouthwatering BBQ festival near Pittsburgh.

Indulge in scrumptious barbecue at this unforgettable BBQ festival near Pittsburgh. Until then, satisfy those BBQ cravings with a visit to one of these BBQ restaurants in the Burgh that will make your taste buds go crazy.

Address: 22631 PA-68, Clarion, PA 16214