If You Live In Pittsburgh, You Must Visit This Amazing State Park

Moraine State Park, just 40 miles outside of Pittsburgh, promises something for everyone in the family – the sunbathers, the outdoor enthusiasts, the picnickers, and the photographers. The amazing state park spans 16,725 acres and welcomes visitors seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. You’ll find so much to do at the park – from bird watching to golfing at the disc golf course – that you’ll likely wish for the day to never end. And, it doesn’t have to. Moraine State Park offers rental cabins right next to the lake for camping out.

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But, first things first. Get ready for some major wanderlust to pull you to Moraine State Park:

Still not sure why you must visit this amazing state park near Pittsburgh? Maybe you need just a little bit more convincing. This video should do it:

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