6 Humble Little Restaurants In Pittsburgh That Are Delicious Enough To Check Out

How many times do you think we’ve been told we should never judge a book by its cover? Probably dozens of times, especially when we were in school, right? Well, as we go through life, most of us eventually realize that’s true with anything in life. Take restaurants. Sure, a restaurant with flashy lights or an elegant exterior may immediately catch our eye, but sometimes the best culinary experiences come when and where we least expect them. These six humble little restaurants in Pittsburgh might not be flashy, but their food certainly might win you over.

What are your favorite humble little restaurants in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments! Love a good slice of pizza? Plan a visit to this hidden gem pizzeria, That’s Amore, in Lawrenceville.

Address: 105 Middle Ave, Wilmerding, PA 15148, USA
Address: 2209 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA
Address: Blairsville, PA 15717, USA
Address: 19 S 27th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA
Address: 201 Saline St, Pittsburgh, PA 15207, USA
Address: 2122 Monongahela Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, USA