These 4 Out-Of-Place Creatures Have Been Spotted In Pittsburgh And You’ll Want To Steer Clear

If you live in or around Steel City, you’re probably familiar with some of the wild animals in Pittsburgh. From our earliest days learning to drive, we all learn how to dodge deer. It’s inevitable that we’ve seen our fair share of squirrels, raccoons, and opossums, whether in our backyard or beyond. But you may be surprised at what sort of wildlife in Pittsburgh you’ll see that don’t even require a trip to the PPG Aquarium and Zoo. There are some out-of-place animals that might startle, or even downright frighten, us if we happen to cross their paths. If you do spot any of these animals while you’re out and about in the Burgh, keep a safe distance, and remember, they’re as afraid of you as you are of them!

Have you ever seen any of these out-of-place wild animals in Pittsburgh? Share your stories and experiences in the comments!

If you’d like an up-close look at wildlife in Pittsburgh that is more of the vegetarian variety, you won’t want to miss a visit to Double Diamond Deer Ranch. Visiting here is a great opportunity to observe deer in person, and even get the chance to feed a fawn.

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Animals In Pittsburgh

December 12, 2022

Are there other reports of any other out-of-place wild animals in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania?

As cities spread into formerly undeveloped lands, the chances of running into wild animals rises exponentially. It's not uncommon to see foxes, black bears, bobcats, and opossums in Pittsburgh. There is a famous three-legged bear that has been spotted in the Poconos.

Are there snakes in Pittsburgh?

Pennsylvania is home to quite a few snake species, including the following:

  • Eastern garter snake
  • Northern water snake
  • Eastern milk snake
  • Eastern rat snake
  • Northern copperhead - venomous
  • Timber rattlesnake - venomous
  • Eastern massasauga - venomous