Philadelphia Has Its Very Own German Christmas Market And You’ll Want To Visit

German Christmas Markets began in the late middle ages. The Nuremberg Christkindlsmarket is the most famous one in the world, and it began when farmers began selling crops during Advent in the mid-1500s. Since that time, famous Christmas Markets have popped up all over the world, modeled after the German Christkindlsmarkets, bringing some European culture to foreign lands.

In America, they can be found in cities and states across the nation, but one of the most famous is located right here in Philadelphia! Vendors in wooden booths gather to sell a variety of gifts, crafts, toys, and German foods and drinks. If you’ve never been to the Philadelphia Christmas Market at Christmas Village, set aside a few days this year to really explore this wonderful place.

Is Christmas Village your favorite holiday event in Philadelphia? If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season, spend a day on this Winter Walk Near Philadelphia That Will Positively Enchant You before heading to the Christmas Village at night for shopping and delicious food.