12 Things That Come To Everyone’s Mind When They Think Of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the nation’s largest cities, and it’s had a tremendous influence on America from day one. Even those from as far away as Portland, Sacramento, or Albuquerque can claim to understand a few things about life in the City of Brotherly Love. Now, we know there are a few rumors about Philadelphia that may not be true… like that it’s dirty, dangerous, and never going to win a Super Bowl ring… but what does the rest of the country really know about Philadelphia? Well, here are a couple of things that come to mind when anyone talks Philly:

Of course, all of these things are just what we love about our home city. We know the ins and outs, the mom and pop shops, the culture and events that those who don’t live here rarely see. After all, if you don’t spend time in a city, how can you really get to know it? That’s why it’s so nice to spend time in Philly, visiting some of the most Amazing Places in the City of Brotherly Love.