Every new place has its own unique quirks and tricks, and Pennsylvania is no exception. There are some lessons you learn from living here that will stick with you no matter where you go in life… Enjoy reading about the life lessons you learn from living in Pennsylvania, and feel free to add yours in the comments below.

1. Be prepared for anything.


Here in Pennsylvania, we enjoy all four seasons… Sometimes in one week. The weather can be unpredictable and it’s best to have an outfit planned for any temperature or precipitation.

2. Rivalries are fun.

800px-Iceburgh_2011-11-23Having two major cities– Philadelphia and Pittsburgh– means that Pennsylvania enjoys its fair share of sports rivalries. It’s exciting to trash talk the other team and cheer for your town’s victory, but know that at the end of the day, we’re all still Pennsylvanians.

3. Industry changes.

Pennsylvania used to provide the majority of steel to the entire nation. Now, the steel mills are mostly shut down. We have had to adapt our ways of life, industries, and economics in order to stay strong, but a comeback is evident in cities like Pittsburgh and Allentown that are either thriving again or in the process of revitalizing.

4. Nature will always be there to let you catch your breath.

Pennsylvania has 151 state parks and what must amount to thousands of miles in hiking trails. When the stresses of life get to be too much, we know that we can take refuge in the great outdoors.

5. A rose by a different name might still smell sweet.

Is it a hoagie, a grinder, a gyro, or a sub? A lollipop or a sucker? A soda or a pop? Our state’s vast geography and blend of dialects has given us a bunch of different names for every day objects and foods.

6. There’s always more to discover.

It is guaranteed that no longer how long you’ve been living in Pennsylvania, it still has more to offer you.

7. Snack time is important.

Pennsylvania is home to a variety of snack food companies, including Herr’s, Utz, Martin’s, Bickel’s, Snyder’s of Hanover, Just Born, Tastykake… And more.

8. It’s important to learn about history.


There’s plenty of history in Pennsylvania, especially in Philadelphia, where we have sites such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

9. There’s much to learn from other ways of life.

Pennsylvania has the highest Amish population in the world, which thrives mostly in central Pennsylvania. City slickers from the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas live in close proximity to agricultural communities who embrace their religious roots and stay away from modern technology. We know the value of different ways of life and enjoy learning from one another.

10. Deer are the enemy.

Just look at the smug look on that deer’s face. They love sneaking into your garden to munch on your plants, and jumping into the road at just the wrong moment so that you crash right into them. Deer, oh deer.

11. There’ s nothing better than a good Philly cheesesteak.


Seriously. Nothing.

12. Swerve around the potholes.


Our roads can be a wreck at times, with potholes lining the streets like pine needles in a forest. We’ve learned how to drive around them, lest we fall in and go down the rabbit hole.

13. Plan ahead.

If there’s snow in the forecast, you better get to the store first thing, or else all the milk, eggs, and bread will be long gone.

14. Buying fresh is the only way to go.


One of the advantages to having such a thriving agricultural population is that we have a ton of fresh produce, baked goods, and other foods available all the time at farmer’s markets which can be found in any town in Pennsylvania.

15. Keep the best things secret.


Pennsylvania may not be the first place on many peoples’ lists of travel destinations. Some say that we are our own best kept secret. We prefer it that way, so that we can enjoy all the perks of living here without having to deal with tourists left and right.
What life lessons have you learned from living here in Pennsylvania?

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