Here Are 15 Mind-Blowing Storms Caught On Tape In Pennsylvania

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards: severe weather can be both terrifying and exhilarating. It is not often that the ground underneath us shakes, but when the skies open up and release vengeance upon our surroundings, we stop everything to take shelter. Some brave souls in the state of Pennsylvania caught the following storms on camera– enjoy the following photographs and videos of devastating storms in our state.

1. Captured by photographer Nicholas A. Tonelli, this majestic thunder cloud is illuminated by the sun.

2. Check out that lightning!

3. In March of 1936, the streets of Lockhaven, PA were so flooded that residents had to get around by boat.

4. NASA captured this amazing satellite footage of Hurricane Sandy on October 30, 2012.

5. This road in Montgomery County was completely devastated by Hurricane Irene.

6. The skies in Lancaster County grow angry and prepare to rain down.

7. Looks like Thor was in the mood for McDonalds.

8. Can you imagine witnessing these crazy bursts of lightning?

9. A blizzard completely covers cars parked along Philadelphia streets in 2015.

10. A rainbow arches across the stormy sky.

11. Here is some amazing footage of a tornado forming in Ephrata in the summer of 2013.

12. Tornados might just be the coolest weather to watch on tape. Below is another video of a tornado caught in Lancaster County in 2010.

13. This video is of a massive F5 hurricane that tore through Hermitage in 1985.

14. This artistic video will let you experience what it’s like when a blizzard takes hold of Erie.

15. I would have to have been outside during this hail storm in Reading. (At least without a helmet.)

What’s the craziest storm you remember witnessing in Pennsylvania?

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